Chuunibyou: finding your identity

chyuu1pAs we all reach a certain age, we all search for who we want to be and where we want to be. We search for groups of people and discover interests. Searching for our place within society, with each our own way of doing so. Chuunibyou shows one way of fitting in.

Finding your place in society can be tricky. You search for people with same interests. Times can be harsh, as acceptance is not always present in the group you want to be a part off. Still there is need to find comfort and move through life in your own fashion. Creating your own reality is an option to face life as it moves on.

Rikka and Yuuta created their own reality. In their reality they could do everything. Be knights or mages that conquer evil. Creating their own world, a world where they are always accepted. Of course this manifests into daily life. Acceptance, for ones way of dealing with life, is not always present. Society will force you back in a world that you’ve fled from.

Chuunibyou portraits this very well as Rikka has her own way of dealing with struggles, within her created reality. As her sister tries to bring her back to reality, she refuses to comply. This resulting in many hilarious moments, where reality blends with imagination. The studio portraits it heavily over the top, but creates a strong picture of how Rikka experiences the problems she has.

The same goes for Yuuta, who tries to boost his confidence by moving to an alter ego he once created when he was younger. With his alter ego he moves through life. Just like Rikka he has an overly active imagination that tends to slip into reality. But unlike Rikka, he tries to banish this part of his character. He is convinced that a person cannot live with an alter ego, especially when they grow older.

Funny enough they both have a way of coping with the struggles they face, that seem very similar. Deep down they both searched for a way to move away from society, but unknowingly they were part of a group.

As life is different for everybody, everybody has his or her own way of dealing with the hurdles they face. Chuunibyou showed that the chances are, you are not alone in your search for a path in life.


7 thoughts on “Chuunibyou: finding your identity

  1. Muri-Muir says:

    Reminds me of Overcooled’s post on the human subconscious ^v^ People alter their perceptions of the world to meet their needs, and adjust their minds to way they want to see things.

    I liked Chu2, just wished they would have stayed more canon to the original work ;A; 2 original anime characters, and one of the main characters don’t even show up?!? WHAAAATTT WHYYYYYY

    • ninetybeats says:

      I haven’t read the source material so I can’t argue with you on that one:p
      It is indeed an alteration to what the human mind creates. Meet their needs sounds a little bit degrading. Sometimes people are pushed to another perception of reality, in my opinion. Many factors play a role in that, in this case loss of family. But I understand what you want to say.
      Thanks for your feedback!

      • Muri-Muir says:

        Ahahaha sorry, I slept at 5AM yesterday, I was mainly concerned I would make typos =3= I hope I don’t sleep late again today, aghh

  2. milesvibritannia says:

    Chuunibyou was an awesome series, interestingly enough I think I saw it around the same time as you as I started watching it around the time I took the SAT (which was in early March as I recall). But anywho, I really liked this one a bunch. I typically like KyoAni series so of course that was a big part of it, though Chuunibyou had quite the appeal of his own. I have seen characters who exhibit the same type of personality in other series (in particular, Okabe from Steins;Gate comes to mind) but I don’t think I’ve actually watched another anime that focuses on characters, with, well, Chuunibyou. I really enjoyed Chuunibyou because it not only had great humor, but also became a lot more dramatic and started to focus more on themes like identity and coping with tragedy, and the way it tied it all to the whole chuunibyou deal was very interesting. So much development and a lot of depth for a 12-episode series that I watched only expecting good humor and a moe-ish style.

    • ninetybeats says:

      You can’t always judge a book by its cover:p
      Nonetheless, the characters were still cute though. The show did much more than it actually showed. Anime can have an underlying theme that drives them. Like Chuunibyou, finding your place and making friends. All to familiar topics for many of us, making show like this one relatable. And despite its appearance still tell a good story.

      • milesvibritannia says:

        Indeed, Chuunibyou was much deeper than I’d anticipated and a very pleasant watch. Interesting how the anime’s main source of humor also ended up being crucial to expressing the story’s deeper messages and everything went together pretty well. I actually have a friend who’s quite like a chuunibyou (and sure enough he loved this anime) so it was a very interesting watch. Chuunibyou was quite the touching story and it’s very true that everyone is different (some in weirder ways than others) but at the end of the day we’re all still people and it’s better to accept yourself and enjoy life as is than to change simply to adapt to how you think people want you to be. Quite the message for a series that I wouldn’t have accepted anything of the sort from.

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