Accel World: virtual reality entering reality

accel1Technology develops at blistering speeds and there are no signs this is going to change anytime soon. With technology becoming more advanced, their presence is more apparent in our daily lives. Accel World depicts a world with technology fully integrated in our daily lives.

I’m not a full skeptic concerning digital development. Technology brings us many great things, that make human civilization advance to new heights. But on the other hand, the pace in which technology invades our lives, is something to be wary about. Technology enhances our lives with many options, that we tend to be overwhelmed. Trying to follow everything, be updated on everything. And update everybody about everything. In Accel World technology is a vital part of daily tasks and social interaction. It is unthinkable to not be a part of this development.

The vast adaption of all the high tech gadgets brought a problem to the society of Accel world. The borders between reality and virtual reality started to fade. Virtual worlds started to affect real lives. This isn’t only apparent in Accel World. This trend can also be pulled to modern society, where the virtual can affect our daily lives.

Accel world brought one topic explicitly to the table; cyber bullying. Virtual blackmail and the likes, were taken to the real world. Blackmailing would be used to force the other to fulfill odd tasks. When not complying to the terms, the others social status would be harmed.
The virtual blackmailing was even more apparent due to the fact that technology was present everywhere. Switching it off would mean a substantial loss in data and interaction with the normal world.

The technology in Accel world was so mixed up in the daily lives of people, that the border between virtual and non virtual began to fade. One could not stop it, as everything was done digitally. This development is starting to crawl into our lives and will likely gain more ground. If this is a good development, is a topic for debate. But one may conclude that a clear separation between digital and reality could be necessary to live a healthy live.


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