Yin: The power of no emotion

yin1Darker than Black had a particularly interesting character. Her name was Yin and she was one of my favorite characters. Her lack of emotion was brilliantly portrayed in the series. Even beings without emotions, could have feelings.

A human being is defined by its emotions. Sadness, anger and happiness are just a few of them. They show a lot of the persons character and current mental state. If someone would show no emotions it would be odd and the person would labeled as heartless or the more positive term stoic. Of course the benefits of being stoic is negotiable. Stoicism was first founded in the early days of human philosophy in the early 3rd century before Christ. It’s a long time ago and the world has changed a lot since then.

The beauty in Yin’s lack of emotion, was that she was struggling with showing her emotions. She had emotions she wanted to show but her character wasn’t able too, therefore she was called a doll. Only being able to show one emotion. Just like a doll, that can’t change the expressions on its face.

Yin was the odd doll, as she had emotions that every now and then rose to the surface. Astonishing her surroundings. They were not familiar with Yin’s emotional side. One could not believe a doll was able to feel and experience different kinds of emotions. Dolls also lack the power to have their own will, almost making it a caricature to the theory that people have no free will. Only being obedient to the programmed course of action within the brain. In Darker than Black this was taken further, where there is even no emotion. The doll is just a shell, that it is in the shape of a human is a way to clarify the state of the world that is portrayed.

Yin had a lack of emotion, but that doesn’t mean she had no feelings. Somebody may be introverted or has no habit to show their emotions, that doesn’t mean there is no compassion for others. In this case Yin had feelings towards Hei, the main character. She struggled to show it, but they were there.

The moral of this story is to show that even without emotion, there is still compassion. One will experience emotions and struggle to express them if that’s how their character is build. Despite that, it is possible to still like the person. In this case it happened to be Yin.


5 thoughts on “Yin: The power of no emotion

  1. Muri-Muir says:

    Darker than Black~ huhu Yin FTW

    I really liked how they developed Yin as a character throughout the series as well. *Season 2, all of my feels ㅠ_ㅠ* The existence of Dolls in Darker than Black interesting itself. As you stated up there, “Dolls also lack the power to have their own will, almost making it a caricature to the theory that people have no free will.” …er what was I going to say? fuuu.

    • ninetybeats says:

      I didn’t find season two less good than the first season. A lot of people disagree, but I actually found the season pretty good. Also the short series in between was really good. Where they actually gave a hint that Yin was looking for a more intimate relationship with Hei. I really like her as a character indeed. And I don’t know what you wanted to say:p

  2. nyaataku says:

    Yin is just….wow. She is just too cool for words.
    And is it me, or does that eye patch really work well with her. XD
    I’m beginning to have an eye patch fetish now.

    • ninetybeats says:

      She has an eyepatch? You mean she has her eye covered in the image I put in there:p
      Amazing that almost no emotion, can still make a strong character. I think you aren’t the only one who has a fetish for eyepatches. There are quite some characters with eyepatches out there I believe:p

  3. nyaataku says:

    pffft….goodness!!…..I really can’t see anything from replying on a phone. O_O I apologize for that !!
    Hahaha, yes it was her hand XD Oh gosh, my eyes are bad!!

    Her character is just so full of mysteries. It’s one of those characters where you are just curious what is going through their heads. And she’s extremely adorableeeee!! XD I wish I could just hug her!!

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