Jigoku Shoujo: turning hell into heaven

theAnimeGallery_87320_2560x1024 smallHell is considered as the punishment for all who have sinned. In a world where people can decide whether to spend eternity in pain after death, or at peace in the afterlife, hell becomes heaven itself when the mortal life is fulfilled.

Jigoku Shoujo depicts a world where people can banish anybody they desire, to the depths of hell. This luxury comes with a price. The one that has his wish fulfilled, must spend eternity in hell. Before the decision is made, they get a proper glimpse of what is awaiting them.

Interestingly enough, the hatred within the person is so big, they are willing to face their life after death. The reason for banishing someone to hell differs from person to person. One wants to make an end to a time of endless stalking, stop the blackmailing or get rid of the person who caused them terrible pain. Living with these burdens, isn’t a life worth living in the eyes of the victim. The one responsible must be punished.

Slowly hell is being filled with people who are willing to face the facts, satisfied with the life they have led. They have no regrets of the decisions they made while being alive. The day Jigoku Shoujo comes to take the person to hell, it’s almost like a relieve.

With this, a problem arises, as the primary function of hell is to punish. But when people don’t experience hell as punishment, the purpose of such a place is questioned. The need for a heaven is not needed for those who create their own heaven within hell. A new heaven is created.

This making it difficult for our main character to cope with the situation that is arising. Her service is being wrongly interpreted, people don’t realize that their soul will always be her property. She has seen the punishment people face with her own eyes and knows that a mortal life with agony, is nothing compared to an afterlife filled with pain.

Still everyone should have their own way of making their own personal heaven. As long as someone can find satisfaction in the life they lead and have led, there is a heaven somewhere for everybody.

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