Guilty Crown: rating anime with less knowledge

guilty1Guilty Crown was one of the animes I watched when I was a newbie to anime. The show wasn’t particularly good. It had its flaws and inconsistencies. Despite that, I didn’t enjoy the show less because of those factors. I just wasn’t that familiar with anime back then.

I haven’t seen many anime when I picked up Guilty Crown. Of course the ‘not many’ is a subjective number. I don’t want to count the anime I’ve seen in my childhood days, because of my lack of understanding of the medium. Guilty Crown was an anime I picked up when I was new to anime as an adult. Before I started watching Guilty Crown, I was a bit biased. The character designer was Redjuice, which is one of my favorite artists.

Being a fan of the character designer, I was still pretty positive about the series. The visuals were impressive and the soundtrack was a league of its own. I was so hyped by the music, that I wanted to see more after the first episode.

With the growing popularity of the series, grew the hatred. A lot of negativity reign over Guilty Crown. The plot lacked profoundness, the characters were eye candy and plot devices. I couldn’t recognize myself in those opinions. This was because I didn’t know the many used traits that were present in many anime before Guilty Crown.

Now I’ve seen a decent amount of series to recognize an anime on its flaws. The use of adorable characters, the heavy action to cover up plot and the use of certain types of characters to make sure the story progresses. Now I know the tricks. I look at it with knowledge from previous anime, with a more polished opinion.

When an anime does something different, dares to play with visuals and storytelling, it becomes biblical. Despite that, anime should be watched for enjoyment. If we enjoyed it, there is no reason to break it down to its core and rate it as a flawed product. Purists might argue that this is incorrect and a series should only be rated positively, when it did something that shook the market. Still we must not forget why we watch anime in the first place, because we like it.


4 thoughts on “Guilty Crown: rating anime with less knowledge

  1. Nuu says:

    I partially agree…but for the most part I think rating “against the grain” is the way to go. When we get judged in court, it doesn’t matter how many times we’ve given to charity, or helped save orphans off the street…if you commit a heinous murder, that’s all people need to convict you.

    Though a morbid analogy, it serves to illustrate that despite a show like Guilty Crown having wonderful visuals and even a semi-interesting/quite interesting premise, it’s not enough if the show flounders through the season and randomly kills momentum it has through the show.

    I was watching it with my sister and dad who also like anime, and after episode 5, they were getting upset at the protagonist and understandably so. I couldn’t bear to keep watching after the 12th unfortunately 😦 Idk…

    Guilty Crown was a show that was completely unsatisfactory in my opinion, but to those who wanted to believe it could do more, I suppose it did.

    Nice post 🙂

    • ninetybeats says:

      Thanks for your comment, it’s nice to have interaction with readers. Well in time you learn different aspects from certain subjects. In this case Guilty Crown and my limited amount of shows watched before. The more you see something, the more you become aware of something or the more you see, the less impulses you get. You know the deal and it isn’t new anymore. So in my case, I wasn’t that familiar with the subject/medium yet and it felt fresh to me.

  2. Robert Tene says:

    Nice review! I totally agree with you about Guilty Crown. It’s a copy paste from several good anime and those combined made this messy thing, Guilty Crown. I was quite familar with anime when I watched it but I still felt it had potential. Nevertheless that messy thing called Guilty Crown got extremely worse and made me drop it. It was seriously a waste of time.

    • ninetybeats says:

      Well it wasn’t actually a review:p
      I just wanted to point out that when I watched it, I didn’t have the knowlegde I have now. Since I’ve seen more series, you see things come back that you first didn’t see that often. Thinking that those elements had a unique touch to them, because of the limited experience. But I didn’t see it as a waste of time, as I still enjoyed it to some extent.

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