Oreimo and society’s expectations

ore5Oreimo on the surface may not seem the most profound series out there. Still it portrays a social situation many of us are all too familiar with. Namely hiding what you are passionate about when you feel uncertain about the reactions. Oreimo addresses just that.Β 

I’ve heard the term ‘closet-otaku’ coming by every now and then. One could interpret this saying as hiding the real you, or in this case your love for anime and the such. A development I’ve been coping a bit with myself, as anime culture is very biased. The most common associations with anime are mainly that it is, drawn pornography. That is indeed true, as there is drawn pornography. Which can be seen as a ‘spin-off’ from normal anime. A genre within the realm of Japanese animation, where the intimacy of relationships is more explicitly portrayed.

The existence of this genre isn’t that surprising, as themes in Japanese animation can be more profound and complex than Western-styled animation. Exceptions are always around. The occurrence of such themes is a logical development and shouldn’t be mixed with the other series within Japanese animation. Or at least not thrown on the heap of negativity.

The biased views make it harder to show ones affection for the medium. On the other hand, popularity of Japanese animation could be another factor. It is not as widely spread in Western-society. As more become familiar with the medium, acceptance will grow. Still one most overcome the personal barrier. Convincing others about the beautiful side of one’s passion, which comes with hassle of breaking the biased views the others may have.

Oreimo addresses this with Kirino, our main character, hiding her love for eroge games. A type of game where the intimacy of relationships is the main theme. Within her daily life, she is a high achieving student and model. Making her a perfect person in the eyes of friends and family, this making the step to show ones ‘unaccepted’ passion ever more difficult.

But as there are people who dismiss it, some will approve. Online communities making it possible to interact with fellow enthusiasts. Kirino finds her way through the online landscape to share her ideas and enthusiasm with others. Β The story of personal development and friendship is well portrayed in the series, possibly making coming out for ones passion easier.


20 thoughts on “Oreimo and society’s expectations

  1. Nuu says:

    I unknowingly read this about a week before the anime was due to drop and really enjoyed it even though I don’t particularly read much manga these days. I think I liked what you talked about: the fact Kirino was a “closet otaku” and how black and white things were.

    Things aren’t black and white most of the time in real life, but for certain things, some people just don’t…and sadly won’t understand. I love dating sim, eroge, and VN’s but don’t go apeshit hunting for them (partly because they’re so hard to frickin get a hold of -_-”), but when I do get to play them, I have to with the door closed like everyone else. Even when I was in college, I played with the door closed, because I, just like Kirino made shit-faced grins and cheap, cackling laughs when something looked like it was about to develop.

    I think that shows can thrive on one or more of these four things: reputability, action, plausibility, and comedy. OreImo, DEFINITELY has relatability for a lot of people out there and honestly, I think that’s why it’s such a smash. Yeah, it’s a little more less unusual to say you like anime in public and such, but some things still remain a bit more taboo than we wish they were.

    Thanks for that

    • ninetybeats says:

      No need to thank me. It is a subject that plays a lot with people who watch under appreciated media in general(or other things that are under appreciated). Some things are easily accepted and others tend to drift to the weird in the eyes of many. I don’t tend to be to bothered by that, but it can sting. I don’t know how it goes in Japan where it’s origins are. But what I hear is that otaku’s also don’t get the treatment they wish. Maybe because of some cases that brought negative attention to anime and the likes, giving it a negative image in the eyes of the public.

  2. nyaataku says:

    I always though that Oreimo was a “daring” series, trying to break the boundaries of a”brother-sister” relationship and sibling complexes.

    Do you think the US will officially certify this anime? Based on the content and all. I really see no problem with it however, it’s just a different type of genre that maybe Westerners aren’t used to yet? O.o

    Great Review by the way!!

    • ninetybeats says:

      Review, review. I try to make a link to reality in certain posts. A lot of anime have romanticized themes, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to make a connection to reality.
      If it will be certified in the US(I’m not a US citizen), well probably. The manga already is licensed and there is for my taste some ‘questionable’ content in there. If you want to call it that way. There is still a great market for this product, so I would be more surprised if they didn’t release it in the US.
      The assumption that this series is very daring is for my taste a little bit exaggerated. I don’t know how it’s progressing in the light novel, but the emphasis on incest isn’t that present in my opinion. Sure it is there, but not really upfront.

      • nyaataku says:

        And your doing an amazing job at it! XD your writing style is very admirable….compared to mine which is horrible…reading yours is so professional!! What will your next review be about?

        Hmmm…yes, I’m not sure how the light novel is doing, as I don’t have any translations here as well. (I’m also not in the US)
        I haven’t seen a US light novel being publish yet, maybe in the near future I hope?

        Although I would like to say that the story in the light novel is more canon, I can’t help but get bored by the content. Is it because of the details, I have no idea but I really do enjoy the anime version compared to the novel and manga version.

      • ninetybeats says:

        I just get them from bookdepository.com, the manga volumes that is. Not that expensive and free shipping to most areas. They are in english so no problem. I don’t know about the light novels, some publishers only release comics.

        Well just reread what you write a few times. I don’t post directly when I have something ready. I reread it within a few days and adjust some minor things to keep the flow within the text. And as I said, I don’t want to call it a review. Reviews are in my view articles that look at different elements and make a verdict. That’s not what I’m trying to achieve:p
        My next one, hmmm. I have one about the Code Geass and dictatorship. But I also hesitate between Kyoto animation and the importance of quality animation. Let me know what you want to see first.

      • nyaataku says:

        Ahhh! I really need to check the website out then! πŸ™‚ Thank you so much!!
        It’s hard to find light novels. I only have a website where the fans translate the series but It’d be nice to have a volume of your own someday you know?

        Great to see you have your own style of posting ! πŸ™‚ I can see that your very dedicated in expressing the content and your own personal remarks. Keep up the good work!! I’m excited to see your next one!

        As for your next post. I actually like both ideas. I see you posted the Kyoto animation part. Strongly agree, I mean there’s so many animes out there that are just “put out there” without any regard for their artwork or efficiency in displaying effects. I’ve seen so many anime where either the character have bodily features that don’t even come close to being somewhat accurate or their eye, noses, faces are disfigured.
        I’m looking forward to your Code Geass post !! πŸ˜€ Sounds very interesting!!

      • ninetybeats says:

        I wanted to wait, to know what you wanted to see, but just decided to put it online anyways. Sorry:p
        Baka-Tsuki does a lot of translations indeed, but I still prefer reading a book or manga for real. Manga is easier to read on a phone, and it still gives a book/manga volume vibe. But reading a book on a screen feels like my eyes slowly start to burn away.

        On the animation part. They could rethink their way of animation. You should check Danny Choo’s youtube channel, toykostormtrooper. He has a video about animation made at J.C. Staff. I’m not an animator or whatever, but they could evaluate if those techniques are still suitable for modern times. They also use a lot of still frames, like in Nodame Cantabile, which became a drag after some time.

        And thanks for your kind words, I’m trying my best:p

      • nyaataku says:

        No! No! πŸ™‚ It’s all good!
        I prefer having my own novel as well. Different feeling, different reading experience and different smell. (weirdly, yes, i love the smell of books XD)
        Although I would like to read manga on it’s volume format as well, you can’t help but be pleased by the up-to-date releases of the manga chapters.

        Ahhh!! Another thing to discover ! Thank you so much! >_< Your giving me so much new intel!

        And thank you for your recommendation links! πŸ™‚ It's great sharing my opinions with you!

      • ninetybeats says:

        Haha no problem, let me know what you thought of the video. Maybe that will give you some new insights:p
        I also admit, nothing beats the smell of that manga volume when you get it out of the package after you’ve received it.
        On the other hand, I don’t care much on the release dates. I wait patiently for the oreimo volumes. And when I get them, damn am I happy, as if it is christmas(maybe a bit exaggerated but you catch my drift). I’m also bad at keeping up with my manga. When I have that volume I can just read on my own pace, instead of keeping track of them. Maybe it’s just me being lazy or something. I don’t have that problem with anime(unless it’s a boring series teehee).

      • nyaataku says:

        ^ ^ Sure thing!

        It does have that fresh book smell. New yet nostalgic. XD

        Ahahaha, yes yes, I caught your drift. Good to see that your reading at a comfortable pace. It gets you more into the story as well I think. I read fairly fast however. I don’t know how many time my friends or parents got me mangas for my birthday and I’d end of finishing them in the next hour or so. I just feel excited when I start reading them that I can’t put the book down.

        I know that anime feel! I went through a whole 15 hour anime spree of re-watching Full Metal Alchemist last week. ughh…from 8:00 to 11:00 pm. =_= I don’t know why but i didn’t want to stop. it keep on telling me that if I went to sleep, I’d just end up dreaming about it later. XD

      • ninetybeats says:

        Nobody buys me manga, I just purchase them myself:p
        I’m also a fan of artbooks. Have a Pixiv Almanac Volume 1 artbook. Some works from many different artists were displayed in there. The paper quality really made it pop out. Printed out it looked even better.
        I don’t know if you have a passion for drawing or for pretty images in manga/anime style, but I would suggest you check it out.

        I don’t have the ability to marathon. I hardly ever watch more than 2/3 episodes of one show on a day. Sometimes I just don’t want to end it, like Angel Beats. Drag it on as long as possible:p

      • nyaataku says:

        Ahhh! I do collect artbooks as well. I love seeing the rough sketch’s of artists and how they initially designed the characters.
        I have 4 books by Miyasaki. (Art of Spirited Away, Howl’s moving castle, Princess Mononoke, and an artbook about his development throughout his career) Just seeing his imagination develop bit by bit really made me see how a wonderful story teller he is.
        I also have the clamp’s chobits and fullmetal alchemist artbook, both mangas which I love ^ ^
        The pixvix almanac sounds like a great book! I would love to try to find out where to buy that!
        I do enjoy drawing myself, but…let’s face it…I’m horrible at it =__=

        It’s true, when your favorite anime goes to an end, you just want more and more. It’s hard to put down a great series once your through with it > <
        I really wished Angel Beats was longer though. 13 episodes is not enoughhhh T__T

      • ninetybeats says:

        I’ll be honest the art of Miyasaki isn’t my favorit haha. Glen Keane did designs for some disney movies, he has impressive art. He made the art for the Tangled movie, he designed some characters, really impressive. The way he gives the characters shape is outstanding. I think my most precious artbook is the one from Fuzichoco(you should google her), her artwork is so beautiful. The coloring is really unmachted in my opinion.
        For artbooks you should check parkablogs.com, he makes little (p)reviews from all sorts of books and you get a discount at amazon and the bookdepository every now and then. Found some nice ones on his blog.

      • nyaataku says:

        I do enjoy his artwork as I believe he’s really “in his own little world” you know? XD
        I need to look up Glen Keane and Fuzichoco. The latter sounds very familiar for some reason. Did she create illustrators for novels or anything of that sort?
        I also enjoy Ecthelian (Thai artist),Takeshi Obata as well as Haccan but sadly they don’t have their own illustrator books 😦

        I haven’t heard of parkablogs.com either!! Arghhh! I’m so useless!! O.O
        Thank you for all the links! I will definitely check them out!! Whooo hooooo~

      • nyaataku says:

        Sorry for the late reply! =_= School work is killing me.

        I checked out her website although it was in japanese, I somehow found my way around her artworks @__@
        And I’m amazed! OH MY GOODNESS!!
        They’re beautiful!! O.o Are you sure she isn’t a Davinchi of the 21st century. Wow. Her elaboration on the colors are just….remarkable

        *mind blown*

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