Psycho-Pass and the gritty society

471754c1fce7 blogAs many governments try to limit the amount of criminal activities, crime still is present. Utopian worlds where there is no crime look like something from another future. Despite that, the society in Psycho-Pass has made an ingenuous system to counter crime. This must be the solution to keep society in check and keep crime low. Or is it?

In the world of psycho-pass people are judged by how clouded their mental state is. If the mind is boggled or upset, the hue of your mental state gets more clouded and color shifted.  With a higher hue number you are a potential delinquent and ready to be punished by the law. With special guns, the police fights crimes to stop criminals from doing criminal acts or punishing them for their crimes. No interference from judges or courts, the mental state on that particular time and place is enough to pass judgment upon the delinquent.

One might argue this is an efficient system to stop crime. The only problem is someone’s mental state at any given moment. As this may change between normal and abnormal , the chances may be that someone is shot on the spot without actually committing a crime. Or just in a mental state that clouds the mind with thoughts, but doesn’t say anything about the actual capabilities of committing the crime by the person in question.

Another factor is the modified guns law enforcers use. As the gun is equipped with a mechanic to judge the person on its hue level.  Only when the mind of the delinquent is clouded enough, the law enforcer can use the gun. This seems logical but comes with a major flaw. Many situations are based on the judgment of the enforcer. Not any moment is suitable to fire a gun, but when threatened and the gun refuses to unlock, dangerous situations are sure to arise. The law enforcer is trained to judge situations on their  severity and can make decisions to change the situation for the better. It is true, that not every law enforcer makes the right decision. But the fact that he is a trained professional should be enough to let him make the decision.

There are too many factors that decide whether a person is a potential criminal, psychopath or committing crime on impulse or out of desperation. A gun will not overtake a humans judgment. At least not within a reasonable amount of time. Also it is utopian to think there will ever be a society where crime will belong to oblivion.  A persons judgment is still the most important factor to assess a situation.

2 thoughts on “Psycho-Pass and the gritty society

  1. Nuu says:

    Wow, this anime sounds really interesting! lol, I really like anime with these sort of plot twists you know. Just “ridiculous” ideas kind of like Deadman Wonderland, Mirai Nikki…etc. It’s nice to know there are still a number of original shows to be made. Now I’m just wondering if this show Psycho Pass’ll be any good. It seems often, some of the most interesting show premises, are the most disappointing :p Hopefully this isn’t one of them you know 😛

    • ninetybeats says:

      Well this show has some aspects that aren’t that original. It has borrowed some traits from things you may already be familiar with. But if you are only looking for originality, you’re going to have a hard time. Maybe Shinsekai will be a good one for you. Psycho-pass has interesting execution and the dialogues are very well written. I’m surprised you haven’t picked up Psycho-pass yet.

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