Angel Beats and the concept of death

angel1It is no secret I have a passion for anime. One of my all time favorites is the anime Angel Beats. An anime about youngsters stranded in the afterlife to cleanse the soul from any regrets.

The concept described in Angel Beats is also called a purgatory, a passageway in-between heaven to prepare the soul for the afterlife and or heaven. In this series it’s all about the rebellion against God who decided they had to have a terrible life. As some along the way accept their past, others remain to punish the God for their terrible lives.

I will keep myself from reviewing this series as there are many reviews out there that range from pure hatred to love for the series that is indescribable. I am the latter one, as the series had its flaws it showed a side of death I never thought about and never stood still for to think about.Death seems so far away, but is as present as can be. How Angel Beats showed the way to deal with life, had a unique touch. It showed that a bad life doesn’t mean the life in its entirety was that bad. Also the thought of an afterlife is somewhere reassuring for some to have peace with the fact we all have to leave this plain someday.

The series made me think about the different concepts of death. The end of a life just like a light that sets and fades, the eternal glory of heaven or the eternal punishment in the depths of hell. Or one I’ve been thinking about the most is reincarnation. A life that goes through time and space, having a new beginning and end forever. And in some cases ends up in purgatory to be prepared to properly pass on.  I found this concept so intriguing and interesting. It was portrayed exceptionally well in the series and showed that even a bad life can have a touch of beauty to it. Exceptions are always present off course.

I think the moral of this post is to stand still every now and then with the inevitable things in life such as death, fulfillment in life and how to sooth the soul with the fact that one day we will leave this life and perhaps enter a new one.  For everyone who is prepared to watch a series that leaves the mind open for different interpretations, this is one to watch.

Ninety out

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