Entering the world of anime

theAnimeGallery_77853_1280x720A world I wasn’t familiar with, the world of anime. I saw a few series in my younger years such as Dragonball Z, Pokemon and Digimon. But I wasn’t fully aware of the fact that this was anime, a type of animation produced in the land of the rising sun. It was much more than the three I just mentioned.One day I got tipped by a friend to watch Bleach, and a whole new world opened up in front me.

Bleach was the series that triggered me to look for more. I wanted to know more about those animation series from Japan. In the past they gave me a good time and I was searching to experience it again. Little did I know that anime would change my life so drastically.

Before I entered this world I was biased. We all knew the stories about that weird drawn pornography that came from Japan and that was my first impression of Japanese animation. Nothing was true about that, well apart from the fact that the pornography still exists. But anime was so much more. It had so many different styles, some were artistic works on their own. Using techniques that aren’t possible in live action series.

I was hanging around on a forum on a gaming website where I was a member for many years. People there discussed about anime shows. I joined the conversation and found a topic about a site called myanimelist. With this website my anime knowledge and everything that comes with it, took flight.

On this site series were stored in a large database, you could update your progress and discuss about the episodes with people who had the same interest. I met many awesome people and learned a lot about the studios behind the anime series, as they are mentioned with the series. It was interesting to know the studio behind the series, knowing their style and storytelling. With this I could carefully predict if an upcoming show would be my cup of tea.

I don’t know if I belong to the group that is being biased, but I couldn’t care less about that. I’ve seen series that are so much better than any other live action series I’ve seen. The pearls are so profound and thought out, it plays with emotions like no other type of animation or live action can do. Of course I won’t deny the fact that there is a lot of stuff out there that is better left untouched. But the ones that make an impact, will mostly affect my way of looking at things in life. As I have no intention of stopping to watch anime soon, I hope a lot of series will blow me away with their storytelling and unique art styles to draw me ever more into their worlds.


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